Increase Jewelry Book Sales with Gift Token

We found that an occasional promotion would add a boost to book sales. A gift token or a discount as a kind of advertisement to make your product stand out from the crowd and build a brand name along the way.

I was helping a dear friend to market her jewelry book and picked those tips from her. It cost her a bomb to publish a book. Profit from book sales is nothing to shout about as I realised when I tried to clear a consignment for the author. The transport and delivery charges, free gifts given out at promotions, rental of a booth for autographing, time and efforts putting up free demonstrations, ate almost every cent that was earned.  However, the experience was most rewarding, fun and worth the cause, the passion of promoting a hobby we love so much.   

So, if you come across a bargain, immediately recognise it. It is a rare offer!  

I made some rings like the one shown here.  By varing the color combination, each ring appeared very unique by itself. Very simple but very attractive. Swarovski 4mm crystal bicone beads and 2mm metal beads or sead beads for the finger band. You can try this project on your own.  

Handmade Jewellery Making

Pretty things are Simple

The Butterfly Ring

Stringing Beads is Easy

This is my sketch and I hope that it helps you get started. The star* marks the starting point and end point of this project. The ring is completed with a secure knot.

Try your hand at designing too. There are lots of ideas from “Wonderful Handmade Jewellery”, a source for inspiration, simple instructions and beautiful detail drawings.

You are welcome to share your ideas too.

Wonderful Handmade Jewellery

There are very few Jewelry Artistes in Singapore who publish DIY books on handmade jewelry making.  Jestina M Hong is one person whom I would declare, has distinguished herself by putting her designs on print, providing us with a great source of inspiration. I bought her first book ” Enchanted Handmade Jewellery Making” and her second book “Wonderful Handmade Jewellery”.  They are books to treasure.  The photographs were very well taken in vivid colors.  The instructions are in simple English and every step is easy to follow.  Probably she had very carefully tested each design.  The illustrations and graphics are very beautiful and clear. All you need to do is follow diagrams step by step visually, an advantage even if you are foreign to English.

I refer to her books as a source of inspiration ever since I first began my hobby making beaded handmade jewelry.  After 4 years, I find myself referring to the same books time and again, despite ready resources that I can get from the internet and whatever I can lay hands on at our local libraries and bookstalls.  In “Wonderful”, there are useful references to local DIY jewelry shops too.

Start the hobby and start bonding with your loved ones. You will be surprised  how you can touch their hearts with your first creation that is made with lots of love. This book can be found at major book stores in Singapore. I also found it at one convenient location at “Artica“, The Cathay, Singapore.


Wonderful Handmade Jewellery